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Coin collecting is a delightful hobby, and it can be very lucrative too, if you know what you’re doing. Starting with what seems insignificant coinage that anyone can find in their pockets, currency collecting can grow to be a full time lucrative job or a fascinating and rewarding fun activity.

Coin Collecting

From the history of coins to the appearing of paper money, collectors find out about things such as coin metal composition to the sound coins should make to make sure the collectible item is not a fake, or they delve deep into history, archeology and scientific methods to help them appraise the true worth of their collections.

I created this website to help you get started in this hobby on the right foot. The first step is to join my free coin collecting mini course.

In the 10-part mini-course which will be sent to you by eMail over the next 10 days I will show you:

  1. Which coins are worth collecting and which currency to avoid
  2. How and where to get your first coins
  3. How to figure out how much your coins are worth
  4. Much, much more…

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